How to make Ship-sets for Continuum v0.36 and older versions of subspace

There is no program out there to my knowledge that creates ship-sets for us. There are some that can make combinations out of other existing ship-sets (try , but none that will let you make your own ships.

The ship-set files are basically bmp (paintbrush bitmap) files with the extension changed from "bmp" to "bm2". You can open them up in paintbrush to get an idea of how they work. For a ship-set with NO ROLLING, you only need 1 file, ships.bm2. Open it up (there is one in each of my downloads) and see what it is. By editing that you can change your ship-set.

If you want your own ships, you have to do the dirty work yourself. ITS REALLY LONG AND BORING. The way I create these large bmp files would be considered a REALLY long way by some, but I have a lot of time on my hands. Maybe someone can tell you a much easier, simpler way.

But if you REALLY want to, here is what I do:

If you have a 3D modeling/animation program and are familiar with it

You can create a ship-set with 3Dish rolling effects. Nine bmp files with a bm2 extension will be created. One (ships.bm2) for standard turning of all ships, and 8 for rolling of each ship (not NECESSARY):

- Create/download the 3D model of a ship you want in subspace.
- Load it up, and set up a scene with 440 frames
- The camera should be looking at the ship from top, and the ship should be facing up.
- For the ship object, set the heading to "0" at Frame 1
- Set the heading to "3600" at Frame 440
- Keep the bank of the ship to:
"-45" from Frame 1-40
"-36" from Frame 41-80
"-27" from Frame 81-120
"-18" from Frame 121-160
"-9" from Frame 161-200
"9" from Frame 201-240
"18" from Frame 241-280
"27" from Frame 281-320
"36" from Frame 321-360
"45" from Frame 361-400
"0" from Frame 401-440 (this is the only one you really need for a NON-ROLLING ship-set)

- Render out each frame, at 36 x 36 pixels in bmp format.
- Make sure no "motion blur" is enabled
- Use CompuPic (downloadable from to combine the first 400 pics into a larger bmp, 360 x 1440 pixels, with 40 rows and 10 columns of pictures. (this step only needed for rolling)
- Save this file
- Combine pics # 401-440 into a larger bmp 360 x 144 (4 rows, 10 columns).

Repeat this process for each of the 8 ships.

- Now Combine the 8 smaller files (360x144) into a bigger file 360x1452 (each one on top of the other, in the same order that the ships will be in the game), save it and rename this to ships.bm2 (that's all you need for non-rolling)
- Now rename the eight other 360x1440 files to the following names depending on what ship you want it to replace in subspace:

"Wbroll.bm2" OConner Domanic HA Warbird
"Jvroll.bm2" Crummand FC-12/0 Javelin
"Sproll.bm2" Loakhaed RCS17 Spider
"Lvroll.bm2" Ivangrad Ut-59 Leviathan
"Teroll.bm2" Blight Aerospace Nu-34 Terrier
"Weroll.bm2" Yamakazi Sholi Znk/0-1 Weasel
"Nwroll.bm2" Avro 4F/2 Hms Lancaster
"Shroll.bm2" Lezarwerks SY/9 Shark

All done. Now wasn't that easy? HELL NO!

If you do not have a 3D program, or don't know how to use one

Without a 3D program you can only create a simple ship-set with no rolling effects:

- Draw up the picture of your ship (top view, facing straight up) or copy paste it from somewhere :)
- Resize the ship to 36 x 36 pixels
- Save picture in "bmp" (bitmap image) format
- Using a program such as Adobe Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, rotate it 9 degrees clockwise, save, rotate it 9 degrees, save and keep doing it until it is back up straight.
- You should have 40 pictures in total beginning with the one facing top. Each one should be 36 x 36 pixels.
- Download CompuPic (a graphics utility program) from
- Using CompuPic's "Picture Index" feature combine the 40 pictures into a larger bitmap file, 360 x 144 pixels, with 4 rows and 10 columns of the smaller pics.

Repeat this process for each of the 8 ships. Don't worry, its almost over.

Take the 8 larger 360x144 pixel files for each ship, and using CompuPic again, combine them into an even larger bmp file.
- This file should be 350 x 1452 pixels, with the 8 pictures one-on-top-of-the-other.
- Save this file as "ships.bm2" into your Subspace or Continuum/graphics directory. And you're done.