Download 'Subspace : Continuum' the Game (6.3 MB)

Subspace is a free, 2D, online, multiplayer, space fighter action game. Don't be confused by the name Continuum. It is merely the name of the newest subspace version. The good thing about continuum is that it has been programmed from scratch by fans, who now control the code and can improve/add features to the game whenever they want. Soon continuum will be mandatory to play on any server, so might as well get it now.

Babylon 5 Continuum Skin (254k)

My first skin. Features a Babylon 5 theme.

Babylon 5 Zone Offline Exploration Pack (3.5 MB) *for subspace only, not continuum

Unzipping these files into your subspace directory will show you what the 'SSCU Babylon 5' Zone will be like once it goes online. You have to select "Practice Offline" in your zone list. 

Stargate Shipset (4.5 MB) *new

It changes all the fighters and some weapons sounds to those from Stargate.

Fighter Aircraft Shipset (3.57 MB)

My newest shipset, non-Babylon 5, but my best so far.

Babylon 5 Fighter Shipset (3.8MB)

 It changes all the fighters and their sounds into fighters from Babylon 5.

Babylon 5 Capital Ship Shipset (3.1MB)

 It changes all the fighters and their sounds into capital ships from Babylon 5.


To use the mods/ship-sets above, just unzip them into your subspace directory (or if you have continuum, unzip *.bm2 files into your graphics directory, and *.wa2 into your sounds directory)

My favorite zone is SSCU Death Star Battle (DSB). Like every other zone, DSB has its own speed/energy settings for all the ships. I have made these mods (not the B5 zone pack) so that the ships from Babylon 5 fit as close as possible to the ship characteristics at DSB. So if you play at DSB, the ships will more or less have the same characteristics as on the show, Babylon 5. For example, the most maneuverable ship in DSB is ship 5, the Terrier. Therefore, I have made the Terrier into the Starfury and Vorchan, some of the most maneuverable ships in Babylon 5. This does NOT mean that the patch will cause trouble in other zones. Its just that it will feel extra special in DSB.