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Here you can read about all the movies we pimp in our comics. Why? Because OUR taste is GOOD, and it is in your best interest to know what's GOOD.

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Br Omar's Ratings
Great Action, good effects, good story, a must see.   Blade An entrepreneur in many ways... a classic.
Usually stories in sequels suck ass, but it doesn't in Blade II. As good as the first.   Blade II A good sequel!
Decent.. nothing to add.   Daredevil This is the way Batman should have been done.
Great story, a lot of ideas used here are used in the matrix and the new movies! However, it is kind of old now, so don't expect it to compare to the newer movies.   Dark City Considering how old this movie is, AND the fact that the Matrix ripped this off... woah.
Only movie that can rival the matrix and kill bill. The Story is amazing, but the best part is they use guns to fight in a "realistic" way. Why use swords when you can shoot people?? Without doubt the most underrated movie of all time.   Equilibrium An example of perfection in its purest form.
  Kill Bill Vol.1 Oh My God, it's in a genre of its own... heavy anime influence.
DON'T SPAM ME!!! I just don't like it, could use more action, a hell of a lot better of a story, I don't like the lil midgets fighting trained warriors in a 50000 vs. 1 fight (although the elf is kool)   Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Something really special... a huge event.
Haven't seen this yet.. but I heard great action, so I will be sure to see it soon.     Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers Even bigger than the first one!
      Lord of The Rings: Return of The King   Even bigger!!! This will be remembered as one of the best movies of all time. 
Amazing! Story, action, special effects, all just amazing. If you haven't seen it, kill urself... or go rent it. One or the other.
  The Matrix Perfection. Seamless. It raised the bar too much, even for its sequels.
AMAZING ACTION!! Story could use a little work, but action makes up for it.   The Matrix: Reloaded People expected too much... it kicked total ass.
      The Matrix: Revolutions   Once again, people expected too much. It kicked ass. The hand to hand combat left a bit to be desired though.
Another Great movie. Great story, great action, great effects. Cant wait for the sequel (I hope there is one)   Underworld Almost visually flawless, and a good story.
Good fun, but nothing that makes it a must see unless you were at least a mediocre X-Men fan like me.   X-Men Truly captured the comic characters' essence.
WOLVERINE FINALLY GOES ON KILLING SPREE WITH HIS CLAWS instead of missing like in the cartoons. As good as one but with a kick-ass fight with wolverine.   X-2 A really good sequel.