Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you guys really brown?

A. Most of us.

Q. What kind of sense of humor do you cater too?

A. Our many staff members have very different tastes, and so some of our jokes refer to video games and movies, some are just pure racist, and the rest is satire.

Q. Give me a good reason to visit your site and vote every day.

A. If you check every day, sooner or later you're bound to see a joke that you will find funny! We guarantee it!

Q. How do you make the comics?

A. The wicked jokes and sense-of-humour is truely a gift. As for the art, we used to draw them by hand, then scan, and finalize with Photoshop. But now we just use Flash for everything.

Q. Why use Flash?

A. Because with Flash, we don't lose quality when we resize things. Its also a lot faster to make a comic with Flash compared to our older methods. And on top of that, the images can look neater and more colourful. 

Q. Why are your comics not funny?

A. Shut up.

Q. Seriously, I don't get your comics. Is that because they are made for brown people only?

A. No, that's just because you are not too bright. Brownsville is designed for everyone, there are no obscure references or in-jokes that only brown people will understand. Everyone can enjoy it equally.

Q. Then why is it called Brownsville?

A. Because its made by brown people (mostly).

Q. I'd like to give you a piece of my mind...

A. Then head on over to the "Contact Us" section.