Name: Gomar

Strengths: Computer Games

Weaknesses: Sports, Girls

Description: Although there is nothing likeable about him, he ended up as a main character because he was based on the comic penciler himself.

Along with his good friend and countryman Zainy, Gomar fights to defend the honour of Pakistan.

His recent defeat at the hands of Oluwanifemi has forced him to take Self-Defence classes.

Name: Zainy

Strengths: Gaming, picking up girls, his mighty cricket bat

Weaknesses: Economics, controling his temper

Description: Zainy, along with Gomar, is a main character in Brownsville.

Zainy, however, is quite the unstable fellow, and those around him must always be wary of his cricket bat.

Name: Rob (aka the White Guy)

Strengths: Liking of Babylon 5

Weaknesses: Short temper, Loathing of others

Description: Rob is an old high-school friend of Gomar, Zainy and Rhrodri.

He hangs with the Brownsville crew, even though he's not overly fond of them.

He was killed in a shooting, but has recently returned from the dead.

Name: Jameel (aka the Black Guy)

Strengths: Basketball, hip-hop, looking cool

Weaknesses: Large female behinds

Description: Jameel is more than your token black guy. Actually he.... no, he is pretty much your token black guy.

He is, however, an integral part of the Brownsville's social fabric.

Somehow, he has befriended Gomar, Zainy, and Rob, but he seems happy where he is.


Name: Oluwanifemi (native for 'hangs with brown dudes')

Strengths: Jiu-jitsu, arm wrestling

Weaknesses: Horribly self-conscious

Description: Oluwanifemi is extremely proud of her Native-American heritage.

She does not tolerate any disrespect from anyone, and does not fear to unleash a slew of jiu-jitsu on unwitting f00s.

However, she is in constant mental anguish caused by her poor self-image.

Name: Victor (aka the Asian Guy)

Strengths: Mathematics, computer programming, kung-fu

Weaknesses: Driving, shrugging off Asian stereotypes

Description: Victor is quite defensive of Asian stereotypes, despite the fact he dresses in horribly fobbish ways.

However, he is still able to be helpful to his friends in Brownsville.

Name: Calpurnia

Strengths: Large vocabulary, excellent poet, attractive despite her gothic attire.

Weaknesses: Depressing, fails to understand that her gothic garb has no more shock value.

Description: Calpurnia is the classic goth. She writes depressing, pointless poetry about how she is hated by all and a tortured soul.

She aims to be a vampire, or a member of the Gangrel clan, or a new-age artist.


Name: Rhodri

Strengths: Fighting, acting cool, ignoring people

Weaknesses: Concentrating for long periods of time, listening to others

Description: Rhodri is a well-meaning individual, but often comes across as arrogant and condescending. 

He has a bizarre interest in British politics and is a loyal supporter of the Welsh nationalist party, Plaid Cymru. As such, he will sometimes shout out meaningless phrases in Welsh.

Despite his eccentricities, Rhodri is popular among the Brownsville population. He is loved for his great fighting abilities, and his unique and creative problem solving.

Name: Stephanie

Strengths: Good looking, diabolical.

Weaknesses: Short.

Description: Stephanie is the preppie in Brownsville. She's evil, scheming and down-right rude. She'll do anything to get what she wants.

Recently she made a deal with the devil, literally.


Name: Sameer

Strengths: Big, Mafia Connections

Weaknesses: Drunk, Smelly

Description: Sameer was a big player in the Mafia scene a while back. When he developed a drinking problem, he was unable to earn his keep, and left, but he still has some old friends in the Mafia.

He met Rob at an AA meeting once, and was thus introduced to the Brownsville kr3w.


Name: Russ

Strengths: Playing pool, and knowledge of sports

Weaknesses: Torubel Spakenig

Description: Russ knows anything there is to know about sports. He also owns the crib where the Brownsville kr3w hangs.

Russ's unique linguistic skills are both to be feared and ridiculed.