We're Brown and we're Canadian.


Score on Geek Test

16% - Geek

Name: Zain

Brownsville duty: Writer, Creator

Description: Zain is pursuing an Accounting Designation (BWA'HAHAHA!!!).

Brownsville was the brain-child of this Pakistani-Canadian.

If he fails to obtain his accounting certification, he will no-doubt work with Omar in the Janitorial Arts, or become captain of the Canadian cricket team.



Score on Geek Test

22% - Geek

Name: Omar | Omar's Website

Brownsville duty: Writer, Artist

Description: Omar is also in the field of Accounting. Sad. Very sad.

Another Pakistani-Canadian, Omar has embraced the Janitorial Arts as his true calling.

With extensive janitorial experience at Sobeys, his accounting studies are merely a masquerade hiding his real passion, the Janitorial Arts.


Score on Geek Test

42% - Major Geek

Name: Robbie

Brownsville duty: Writer

Description: Robbie is white.


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38% - Major Geek

Name: Annil

Brownsville duty: Writer

Description: Annil has finally gotten his bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto specializing in biology. Now, Annil is heading off to graduate school to earn his master's.

A proud Canadian, Annil joyfully celebrates his Trinidadian heritage and incorporates his diverse cultural background into writing Brownsville comics.