X The Movie


Remember that anime, the one that used senseless blood & violence, confusion and even nudity, to give the false impression that it was actually deep? What was it called? GNE? ENG? Anyway, this one is similar, except the story makes a little more sense. Just a little. We have some DBZ style fighting , some scantily clad fairies and a shit-load of blood & gore. Maybe not THAT much. Anyway, what confuses me is that the nudity and decapitation suggests an adult audience, yet the story and ending suggests a children's cartoon. So I don't know. Its not crap, because its saved by its good art and fighting.

Yes, that's a guy. And the red stuff is ketchup .

 Some might say its boring, but it only wastes 1.5 hours, so its worth checking out. Overall, not bad... but not good.

Annoying Characters: Kamui

Rating: 6.5/10

Bottom Line: "Don't pay for it."