Ok, I finally saw the whole series. Remember how I posted that I saw half of the series before? And my review was based on the first half? Well I'm an idiot. What I thought was the first half, was actually, the first 4 episodes of the total 26. Yes, that's not half of it at all. Anyhow, getting to the review:

The rating has gone up, which means it got better after the first four episodes, much better. As it starts, the story appears to be about a gun slinging buffoon (good guy though, but a goof), who might be the legendary Humanoid Typhoon, Destroyer of Cities. Is he? Or isn't he? They make THAT appear to be what the main story is about, but NOOOooooo. When the story really begins, everything changes. Well, I wont tell you what happens, but its very good, and probably my 3rd favorite anime of all time... for now.

There is some ... ok, a lot, of comical art, but it gets good during serious scenes. Another thing is, after watching this anime, a trend common to most animes has become clear. The first quarter of the series has nothing to do with the MAIN story, and is just there to fool you. I guess Outlaw Star would be the sole exception... and DBZ... and Esca....

Annoying Character: Myrl (the insurance girl) but only for the first few episodes.

Rating: 9/10

Bottom line: "Watch it!"