Ok... this show is unbelievable. You know how people say to make a high ratings show, just take some sex and action. Well this Anime takes that notion to the extreme. That's pretty much all there is in this show. We see lots of skimpy clothing, skirts which don't even cover panties, and huge bouncing boobies on anatomically impossibly skinny girls. On top of that, a martial arts fight breaks out every 3 minutes. What more could you ask for? Somewhere in there, there's a plot or story thrown in for good measure, but they don't really get there for quite some time. But once you get there, the story pulls you in.

The art is decent, the music is very nice, and the show is just pure fun. There is lots of action. After Naruto, this show looks like its incredibly fast paced. No filler episodes yet, no dumb flashbacks. They do have flashbacks, but they are pure genius. In 5-10 seconds they can cover everything that happened. There are some annoying characters, but you learn to sympathize with them. One of the main characters is a black guy! First time I've seen this. If you're a tight-ass who looks for deep meaning and made-up bullshit in anime (then you shouldn't even be here) you won't find much of that here. The ending was rather... abrupt. It ended at episode 24, where-as I was expecting 26 episodes. I'd suggest only watching upto episode 23. Episode 24 will disappointment you if you want the story to conclude.

Its just pure guilty entertainment. Girls in skimpy clothing, and guys always ready for kung fu.

Annoying Character: Aya. She is completely retarded. They should kill her.

Rating:  7.5/10

Bottom line: "Watch it for fun."