Oh SunaBouzu! The only animes that can match boobs with Grenadier. Everything up till now suggests this show is a comedy. And a decent one at that. We have a post apocalyptic world, where debt-collectors scour the desert like bounty hunters. Their job is to find debtors and make them pay up. Enter SunaBouzu. A legend among debt-collectors. He always collects. Then you actually see him . And so the hilarity begins.

The art is average, and there is indeed lots of action. The music isn't all that great but the comedy is.



I started watching this anime in good fun when I had no other shows to watch. I've only seen three episodes and they are sure taking their sweet time with the 4rth. Its possible the show has been canned, I don't know. But basically its a comedy, nothing great, but good fun.


Annoying Character: None.

Rating: 6/10

Bottom Line: "Its funny."