Argento Soma


No it has nothing to do with Argentina. I think Argento Soma means 'Agent Soma'. Now that I think about it, why aren't there any animes about Argentina? The food is good, and so is the soccer... Getting back to the anime. I searched the entire f**king Internet and not a SINGLE decent screenshot! I mean I searched for days! And look below! That little twit is the best picture out there! I couldn't take a screenshot myself, since my copy of Argento Soma is in some super-compressed-DivX format and screenshots just show a blank black screen... On the other hand its just over 100MB for each episode at 550x412 resolution with 30 fps and crystal clear quality! Those encoders are magicians I tell you! Magicians!

So if you get into this anime, a warning: There's like NO websites about Argento Soma on the Internet, almost as if they've been systematically wiped out.

Anyway, I saw the anime and woohoo! Finally after a year I have found another good anime. Ok it may not be the best anime in the world, but its not bad. Many similarities with Neon Genesis Evangelion, but have no fear, its not gay like NGE. The first episode is boring, the next few are confusing, but it all comes together in the end. Of course they don't explain everything, but its entertainment. Art is good, action is good, I especially loved the music. There's like three jokes in the whole series, so if you like funny/cutsey stuff this anime is not for you. Some might consider parts of it boring, but I loved the story. So overall, good good!

Annoying Characters: Hattie & Matti (Why-o-why wont Soma kill them both?)

Rating: 8.5/10

Bottom Line: "Watch it."