I really shouldn't be reviewing this now. I saw the whole anime a long time ago, so be warned that my ramblings are not accurate. I'll just tell you what I remember.

I remember that I loved it. The story was cool, the art was cool, there was tonnes of action. I don't remember if there was any comedy. Oh yeah, the main character was super-cool. If ever faced by a problem, he'd be ready to fight. Even if the opponent was stronger than him, and it was guaranteed to him that he would get his ass kicked, he'd fight anyway... hehe... he got his ass kicked a lot..

The story...ah yes... imagine X-men... mutants all over the world... people fear them... organizations are formed to police these freaks... but now imagine that these mutants make the X-men look like un-cool, puny, insignificant ants. That sums up Scryed's story.

There are a lot of cool characters, and the story is deeper than your average action anime. I think the music was decent too...can't remember for sure. Ah yes... there was the issue concerning the ending of the show. You see the show has a total of 26 episodes, but the story actually ends around episode 24. This is what happened:
Creator#1: "Damn... the amazing story has ended... if only we had 2 more episodes we could join the 26-episode club."
Creator#2: "You know, we could take the remaining main characters, make them Super Saiyen 4, and have them fight each other, LOL."
Creator#1:  "BRILLIANT!"
Creator#2: "I was kidding you dumbass..."
* Creator#1 shoots Creator#2 *

Annoying Character: Don't remember...

I rate it a 8.5/10

Bottom line: "See it."