Scrapped Princess

Scrapped Princess is the second anime set in medieval times that I've liked, other than Berserk. Although its not as violent as Berserk, it has its action, and its not a dumb attempt at comedy like Maze or Lodoss. The story is the strongest part of this anime. The art is pretty nice too. It has features of all the different sub-genres present in anime, and I think there is something for everyone. So I recommend it to everyone.


One gripe I have with the series is the insane amount of children. Over half the major characters, specially ones in important roles are children or teenagers. This problem doesn't exist only in this anime, but many others, but I just realized it now, so I'm gonna point it out. Sure having kids usually makes the plot more entertaining, but it also takes away realism. 

Now lets see if I can summarize the story in one line: I can't. So you know the story is good . I hope you all watch it... its the best thing I've seen in a while.



Rating: 8.5/10

Bottom Line: "Watch it, sure to please all anime fans."