Samurai 7


Animes have big robots (what a surprise) as well as Samurais (shocking). But never have they been together in the same anime (as far as I know). Despite combining these two amazing concepts into one show, Samurai 7 lacks substance. Although the graphics and art are amazing, and we see lots of samurai/mecha action, the characters, events and overall show just seems so-so. Empty even.

They integrate 3D graphics for the mechas, and wicked art for the samurais. The story itself is actually pretty good too! But the way events unfold, it just seems boring. We really don't care much for the characters, who hardly show any emotion. And the way the story progresses, it just seems very predictable. The show gives off an ambience similar to Last Exile but its not as good.

I don't dislike it. I'm still watching it. So if you want to watch it, by all means, but keep in mind its no masterpiece. Let me show you what I mean: In the first episode the guy in the picture above attacks these huge robots and these flying battle ships... and he cuts them in half..... These are GIANT, METAL machines... with lots of firepower... and he JUMPS on them... from this plane... and slices them and blows them up... with a hand-held sword.... and despite all this, they manage to make it boring .

Overall it doesn't suck. Lots of characters, lots of action... but somehow, its not that great.


Annoying Character: Mikumari... her chain does everything, but she takes the credit...

Rating: 7/10

Bottom line: "A bit bland, but not too bad."