Sakura Wars

The only good thing about this anime is its name. Its about a bunch of Girls from diverse backgrounds who are gathered to fight evil forces. The fights or content isn't serious at all, not even good, so I assume its supposed to be a comedy. But its so not funny. In fact its horrible. Is every punk kid in Japan getting up and making animes now? I haven't seen a decent new anime come out for so long now. I think the whole purpose of anime is that you have total freedom of visuals and you can achieve effects not possible in movies, and using that you can make good action scenes, or just thought provoking stories. Animes should NOT be comedies, and even if so, at least make them funny! Like Nadesico or Trigun, both of which are funnier than all these "so-called" comedies aside from their kick-ass action & story.

Some punk just drew this crap up to make a quick buck. Its not an anime, don't watch it. Please.

Annoying Character: All of them

Rating: 4/10