Neon Genesis Evangelion

(episodes 1-15)

When I started watching this show, I loved it. The story was turning out to be mysterious and the character's insulted each other all the time. It was entertaining. Big-Robots, fighting big monsters, it was cool. Only 10% of an episode was action and the rest was talking and arguing but I still liked it. Did I mention it was very funny?

Irritating Character: Asuka Langley (the German girl)

I rate it a 8/10


(episodes 15-26)

This one is complicated... its not...IT SUCKS! After the first half of the episodes, it gets all serious... no more jokes. Lots of blood, though not human. And near the end, entire episodes are spent inside the minds of characters (in my opinion, pure filler). And the ending SUCKS. I WILL ruin it for you... turns out EVERYTHING was only there as a psychiatric treatment for the main character... the whole thing was a "feel-good-about-yourself" session for the hero, and in the end he has a break-through and everyone says "congratulations!"... and I mean everyone... they actually SAY "congratulations!"... ALL of them!

Irritating Character: All of them

I rate it a 2/10


(End of Evangelion Movie)

After watching the extremely disappointing end to the series, I heard about the movie, that explains everything. I rushed to see it. Oh My God. A Bigger disappointment, not to mention the extremely screwed up content. Just proves that the writer was making up the story as he went along, and it makes no SENSE. Its pretending to be all deep and philosophical but its all CRAP!

Irritating Character: All of them

I rate it a 1/10

Bottom line: "Stay the f*ck away from this!"