Ok, I thought Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) was the only anime with episode titles like "Goku faces off against Freeza, and after a single punch defeats him. Bulma finds love, and Gohan goes Super Saiyen 2. Piccolo had fish for lunch". But alas, I thought wrong. Enter Naruto. Its not bad really... its just that the main character is a whiny bitch. And every episode, he goes to great lengths to find other whiny bitches to befriend. But there are ninjas... and really cool fights... so its more than makes up for it. The story is most excellent, but it unfolds gradually. This anime is a lot like DBZ. Instead of standing and grunting at the enemy for half an episode, In Naruto we stand and have flashbacks for half the episode. They have flashbacks of things they showed in the SAME episode! If you take out the intro song, the initial recap and the ending song, you only have about 12 minutes of an actual new episode to watch, half of which is flashbacks. But DESPITE all that, I am learning to love this show... the combat and characters are just too entertaining. Did I mention, there are like a hundred characters! I have tried to list them all here.

Some things are a bit strange... they have canned food, milk in cartons, anti-personnel missiles, short range wireless, surveillance cameras, even television... but then for some reason... people live in isolated villages communicating through message birds, and there are no guns or cars and lets not forget, we have ninjas.

Its like an anime set in medieval times, but they have modern electronic gadgets in there just to look cool. Naruto also has well-placed humor, and like-able characters (everyone except for Naruto himself). It also has good fight scenes. I said that already... Oh, the music... its good... very very nice. Oh yeah... the script is FILLED with clichés. Just like in DBZ, there are many instances where you can easily predict what's going to happen. Despite this they manage to shock us sometimes. Also, since the studio can pump out a lot more episodes than are needed for the main story, they create filler (fake) stories. This way the studio keeps making money, and keep the voice actors stay employed. Unfortunately these filler episodes are really terrible and boring. More than a third of all Naruto episodes are this sort of filler. I don't want anyone to watch them and think that Naruto is a terrible show, so I am letting you know which episodes are filler to be avoided:

Naruto filler episodes: 97-106, 136-220
Naruto Shippuuden filler episodes: 57-71, 90-112, 144-151

Over-all I recommend it, its entertaining, and its not going to finish in just 26 episodes. Its likely going to go on and on for a while, like DBZ.

Rating: 8/10

Annoying Character: Sakura (she's weak, and a coward, yet has the nerve to tell Sasuke and Naruto to be brave)

Bottom Line: "Skip the filler."