Martian Successor Nadesico


Just saw the whole thing. Its a good, fun Anime to watch. Doesn't appear to be the best, but its much better than a lot of others. Its about a spaceship and her crew, among the scenario of aliens invading earth, space-battles, even mechs, and all the girls chasing the ship's cook. Yep, the main character is the ship's cook. Original, I'd say. Also, the main character is an anime freak. In fact 'anime' is big theme in this show, you gotta watch it to get it. The art is pretty good. I like space battles, so that was a plus from me. The most prominent part of it is that its pretty funny. For some reason there's a 12 year old girl in the crew, and she thinks she's so mature. But she keeps calling everyone an idiot, so she's cool. Some things are very unrealistic, but you know they're only there for humor.

Only problem is that the main characters are always yelling, for the first half of the series anyway, then you get used to it. I'm watching the English dubbed version, and most of the voices are done by the same people who did Neon Geneses Evangelion. Good voice actors, but I hate neon genesis. The pilots here also happen to have suits very similar to those in neon genesis and who cares. Also the lyrics of intro theme song makes NO sense (just like the one for DBZ). It doesn't have a super-surprising ending. If you can watch it, you'll enjoy it, but other wise you haven't missed a lot.

Annoying Characters: Most of them

Rating: 7.5/10

Bottom line: "If you can watch it, I'd recommend it."