I like some Animes


news July 4th, 2010: Naruto Characters page has been updated!

"If you're like me, you enjoy quality anime, and support your hobby by graciously downloading bootleg fansubs from the internet with your high speed internet connection.  But how do you know which to steal?  When you get to that FTP site, do you really want to waste 10 minutes of your valuable time pirating a piece of crap?  Luckily, you now have this page to keep you informed.  You're welcome."
- Some Random Guy

When I watch an anime, I see it to the end only if I like it, if not, I review it after watching only as many episodes as I can stomach. These reviews constitute my opinion of these Animes. If you hate something I gave a good rating, or like something I hate, then screw you. At the end of every review I also state the "annoying character" of the show. For some reason, almost every anime has one character who is always screaming in the most irritating voice, ordering everyone around. By pure coincidence, all of them are women. Also at the very bottom of each review, I have one sentence to the average anime downloader which I call the bottom line.

P.S. These reviews are for people relatively new to animes, not for expert anime reviewers. Reviews are ideal for people whose experience with animated shows is made up entirely of Saturday morning cartoons on FOX.