Macross Zero


Until now, my only exposure to the Macross universe was Robotech. Remember Robotech? There were large battles, a good story, fighters, robots, and fighters that could transform into robots (hmmm? HMMM? ). Life was good. So I hear about a OVA mini series called Macross Zero. My thought processes are like...  "pffft... if its called Macross "Zero", it must be worse than Robotech... I mean... how can a prequel be interesting? We know what the story holds... besides Robotech-style combat has been done to death by Gundam... but I gotta watch something till the next Naruto episode comes out."

So I downloa... er... pop in the DVD and hit play. . The first action scene, just a couple of minutes into the first episode shows you one of the best things about this show. We see a dogfight... and it has 3D graphics... and it looks good. Really good. As if the graphics weren't good enough, when the action begins, oh mama. Basically we see maneuvers which in the real world are obsolete, nonsensical and sometimes downright impossible, but DAMN, how can I complain when it looks like THIS


This show is visually stunning. Of course, I love military engagements, so I pop a woody every time I see dogfights or fleets engaging. But I guess that might not apply to all anime fans. So lets get to the other stuff. They use 3D graphics for many things on screen, and they have attempted to blend it in with the 2D art, which is also pretty decent. The music is not amazing, but it flows very well with the events on screen, and is appropriate. There is virtually no humour, and somehow I did not expect there to be. The story is very good so far. It seems to flow well with the macross continuity, yet the story seems to be self-contained. I would recommend it to everyone.

Annoying Character: Sara... why o why won't a mech just accidentally land on her?

Rating: 8.5/10

Bottom line: "Wow... if you like eye candy, don't miss it!"