Macross Plus


Okay, I finally saw all of it. Very nice. Macross Plus is a four-part miniseries which lies in the Robotech universe. The first three parts which I saw, were actually from the dubbed version, so it was pretty bad. I mean the dubbing was pretty good, compared to other animes, but the entire voice-actor cast was from Street Fighter II. So it felt pretty weird. The art was pretty good, and the action was very nice. It was, however, Robotech style mecha action, so depends on your preferences.

The music was like Macross Zero... sounded very orchestrated and grand, and went well with the events on screen, but nothing special at all. However, one of the main themes of the anime were singers (), so sometimes the singers' songs were used in the background instead of the normal score and it gave a really nice, freaky ambience. Maybe its just me, but I specially liked the melody of the song "Voices". Almost hypnotic... (you'll know what I mean when you see it).

The story is good. Not super amazing, but not bad at all. This has to be the only anime which uses singing careers and mechas as their plot base. I mean... singing?! But with MECHA action?! WTF! But they manage to pull it off somehow, so its all good!

I was lucky enough to see the subbed version of the last part, so that made up for the bad dubbing. Every episode is like a decent 30+ minutes, and the story comes together in the end, so its worth your time and money... well... its worth your time. Overall, a solid piece of work, and specially good for Macross fans.


Annoying Character: Sharon... why did she not kill Myung?!?! She had her!!! *sniff*

Rating: 7.5/10

Bottom line: "Its decent, but if you're a Macross fan then its VERY GOOD."