Macross 7


Another series belonging to the Macross universe. I have just started watching this, but I don't know if I can stomach much more. I'll tell you this though... its definitely unique. In the first episode... Some bad guys are attacking the good guys...and the good guys are getting pwned... so the lead singer/guitarist of a band decides to get in his mech and join the battle (cuz every civilian obviously owns a mecha). But instead of destroying the enemy... he shoots tiny speakers at them, which attach to the enemy. Then he starts playing his guitar . And then the enemy retreats . I swear to God, that actually happened. You KNOW that's too weird to just make up.


The animation is okay, but there are a lot of recycled action scenes. The story is progressing very slowly... every episode is identical... first the enemy attacks...the good guys get beaten up... then the guitar-guy shows up and starts playing music... and scares the enemy away. I meant, wtf IS this show anyway? I have no idea how this show went on for more than 2 episodes. The music in the show is horrible Japanese 80s pop... I mean, I like retro... but this isn't retro. This is just atrocious.

Overall, I think its very very bad. I'd only recommend it if you have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do. I doubt even hardcore Macross fans would like this. Of course I could be wrong (not bloody likely). 

Annoying Character: Mylene; she's a typical anime female with the bitchiness setting to the max... why do animes show all females to be either super uptight, or incredibly bitchy?

Rating: 5/10

Bottom line: "Don't waste your time on this."