Macross Universe (Universes?)


This is just a little page I made up to clarify how all the different Macross/Robotech series fit in with each other. I probably made it more for myself than for you. Uptil now the whole thing has been a blur for me, and I was indifferent, but after watching Macross Zero, I had to find out how all the shows fit together, and what I should watch next.

Basically, to my surprise, Macross and Robotech are two totally different shows. They have NOTHING to do with each other. Watch either one, OR the other (or both, if you can keep them separate using your massive intellect). Basically if you take the animation from the original Macross seriesM2, and some other showsO1,O2, combine them, and then totally change the dialogue, you will get an alternate universe, with similar looking mecha. That's what Robotech is. 

So lets list out the different shows:

Macross Universe sp Robotech Universe sp Other Shows
M1 2009-2009 Macross Zero R1 1999-2014 Robotech: Macross Saga O1 The Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross
M2 2009-2010 Macross: The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross R2 2015-2030 Robotech Masters O2 Genesis Climber Mospeada
M3 2012-2012 Flashback 2012 R3 2031-2044 Robotech: New Generation O3 2031 Macross: Do you Remember Love
M4 2040-2040 Macross Plus O4 2089 Macross II - Lovers Again
M5 2045-2046 Macross 7
M6 2047-2047 Macross Dynamite 7

So the animes indexed M1 to M6 make up the Macross universe, and are considered Macross Anime.

The shows indexed R1 to R3 make up the Robotech universe, and are considered the Robotech Cartoons.

Both the universes have a lot of similarities, but you must remember that they are completely separate.

O3 is not part of the Macross universe, in fact its a movie that is supposed to have been made by people inside the Macross universe. The events of the movie differ a bit from the macross continuity. The contents of the movie itself are not canon, but the movie itself is part of the universe . Basically characters from Macross universe would know about the movie, and consider it a documentary of sorts.

O4 is an alternate/un-official universe.

I hope that helped.


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