Lodoss War Chronicles


Hmm... cross 'Peter Pan' with 'Final Fantasy (the games)' with 'Lord of the Rings', then take away anything cool, add some boredom, then some more boredom and a kick ass opening theme song, and you'll get Lodoss. I'd recommend this anime only to people who like fairys and elves and predictable battles. Of course I've only seen the first two episodes. But you must understand, its so boring I can't watch anymore. I downloaded the opening theme though :)

Look at the puny little picture. Only decent screenshot I could find on the Internet. This is another anime with hardly any fan sites that have picture galleries... c'mon people, pictures make a site! Wait... that means my site....forget I said that.

Annoying Character: Deedlit (kill her)

Rating: 5/10

Bottom Line: "Sane people will stay away."