Serial Experiments Lain


You see, this anime is about a 5 year old girl, Lain. Unfortunately she is retarded. All she does is stare at everything with a dumb look in her eyes. If someone says something to her, she will look at the person for an hour with a blank look, and then say "uh". Somehow she's in the 8th grade, and visits clubs, which is weird, since she is 5 and retarded. She reminds of those book-worms who are quiet and shy, but probably have a stalker/serial-killer personality deep inside of them. Anyway back to the anime review. I have seen only five episodes as of yet, and my comments so far:

Comedy: none
Action: none
Story: confusing/makes-no-sense/none

So I will give a noble sacrifice, and be a test guinea-pig and watch the whole thing. If its good (not bloody likely) I'll let you know, if its not, only I have suffered and you have been saved from the crap.

Annoying Character: Lain

Rating: 2/10

bottom line: "Don't watch it."