Now-a-days every friggin' anime I see ends without an ending. Either the creators want to leave it open for a sequel, or they are too stupid to think of an ending, whatever. Same is the case with Kite. Then again, it does have an ending on a personal level for the characters. Its a story of a girl, who is used (and I mean used) by a couple of men as an assassin. Look below, yep that's her, how 'assassiny'.

Its very bloody, so not for the faint of heart (yeah you guys can go watch some digimon). Its sort of realistic because she screws up her missions, and isn't a perfect kung-fu master like most main characters are. In fact she is kind of an idiot. But she prevails because she is up against bigger idiots. Its also unrealistic because an explosion in the same room as a main character blows up HALF the building, KILLS everyone, BUT the main character survives. This happens several times -.- The movie seemed rather short. Its a good watch I'd say. Art is good, story is good, though you can see some parts of it coming. No comedy what-so-ever , which is appropriate considering the characters' sick backgrounds.

Annoying Character: None.

Rating: 6.5/10

Bottom line: "As long as you don't have to pay for it, go for it."