It is after a long, looong time that I have seen another anime. After a series of animes deserving 2-stars, 1-star and some half-a-star, I hit something worth a whopping 4.5 stars . That's right people, a good anime. Well as always some people wont like it, and specially this one is not for everyone. Keep it away from kids due to insane amount of bloodshed, gore and body parts... but no nudity! YAY! I for one hate nudity in cartoo... moving on.

The story and genre is unique to say the least. Primarily an action and story oriented show, it has a bit of "confuse the viewer to make it sound deep" borrowed from Neon Genesis, and a dash of twisted religion, like in Berserk and X-the-movie. Ok, not a dash, a LOT of twisted religion. You'll know what I'm talking about, and by the time you're done with this anime, you'll hate the Queen .


The art is pretty good (and its the serious style like Ghost in the Shell, not many round-headed girls with huge eyes). The songs in the soundtrack are, interestingly enough, in English, and some of the score is so good that I'm still searching for its mp3s. The only problem I had with this anime is that ends, after only 13 episodes! The story kind of confuses you, and then leaves a lot of loose ends, possibly for a sequel. But its a good run, and jolly good fun to watch .

Rating: 9/10

Annoying Character: None.

Bottom Line: "Watch it!"