Gundam Wing & GW: Endless Waltz

This a very successful Anime, and with good reason. There's tonnes of cool mechs and space/ground battles. There are heroes who say "I am going to destroy you" on the first date, and there's a little bit of interesting ideology and politics, but who cares about that. It has amazing mechs and battle scenes. Overall, I recommend this Anime to anyone. Some problems: The heroes have HUGE ASS CHARCTER SHIELDS though. They are un-killable most of the time. Main characters make mistakes and almost never have to pay for them. The only other bad part is that if you miss one episode you will be like "what the hell happened?!??!" That is the only condition to enjoying Gundam Wing (and related series such as 08th MS TEAM), you have to watch each episode, starting from the beginning.

Annoying Character: Releena Peacecraft (pacifism my ass)

I rate it a 7/10

Gundam X

Special Guest-Review by Darren K. Fetisoff

Gundam X breaks away from the usual redundant plot-line that is the norm, i.e. colonies in space rage war on Earth for their independence. Ever notice that the bad guys are the good guys? Really, all the Zeon want is independence, and the Earth Federation denies them that. But then again maybe I'm missing something important in the plot. The story takes place after the very last Zoen-ish war; which has not been made into a series. This helps thicken out the plot more because the viewer does not know what happened during the last battle. I'll clue you in to help you understand:

At the last battle many colonies were dropped onto Earth, and I don't mean like one or two or three, I mean like a good 300....yea...BOOOOOOOM . Fifteen years later Earth finally stabilizes and the people of Earth are set back hundreds of years; basically it's 2010'ish, instead of like 3000'ish. Sound familiar? Yea almost sounds like Trigun, but more civilized and with mechs. 

Another great feature of the show is that they is a VAST amount of different mechs, (tons die naturally) which keeps the battles fresh and unique. the characters are also wonderfully developed and learn to change as the series progresses. The Gundam pilots are also not "invincible" like in Gundam Wing (yaaaaaaay) and feel real in the sense that these people have emotions, rather than the robot personalities of gundam wing. Surprisingly the animation quality never falters, it's always crisp, sharp, and perfectly rendered, unlike many episodes in G Gundam. And speaking of mechs, the suits are also gorgeous, (the gundams anyway) several of which are rather NASTY; I won't spoil the fun. On the down side the atmosphere is the same due to the fact that the events are taking place on Earth and not in space. 

Getting your hands on this series will be tricky, due to the fact that the series is a bit old. I think it was made in the very early 90's, and you will never ever find an English-dubbed version. It's been stated that Gundam X will not be made for the American viewers. Your best bet is to find a torrent and download for a couple of days, and fortunately the people who have ripped the DVDs have translated the dialog into English subtitles.

For a rating I'd give it a 9/10. If you haven't seen this series go get your self a torrent downloader and start immedietly !!! Bitcomet is pretty good, and U torrent, I've heard, is the best.

08th MS Team

This is the second Gundam Wing series I have seen... well only the first half of it. Its rather short, but good quality. I rate this better than Gundam Wing (above) since the Gundams are not invincible here. They also show ground military tactics very nicely incorporating mechs into the mix. Main hero is again invincible (up till where I've seen anyway), but everyone around him gets hurt a lot :) The story is completely different that Gundam Wing, totally different universe.. a bit less confusing though.

Annoying Character: The Female Chief (forgot her name)

I rate it a 7.5/10

I haven't seen the rest:

Mobile Suit Gundam


Gundam 0083

Gundam 0080


Bottom line: "If you have some free time, it wont be wasted here."