BIG BOOBIES!!! That's the first thing that you will notice as you watch this anime. And are they ever. The ambience of the show is similar to Trigun, as it seems to be a post apocalyptic world with cowboys (and a cowgal). But then we begin to notice some differences. When I started watching this, I thought there was just exaggerated fan service and no real depth to the show. Specially since the initial episodes are very formulaic. They go to a town, find a problem, help the people, and move on. But as the main arc is slowly building, there is potentially a kick ass story!! And if not, we still have the giant boobies.

The art is pretty decent. There is lots of gun-slinging, sword-slashing action. The intro music and the intro itself is cheesy. But the in-show music is fitting. Its also pretty funny. Specially how she reloads her gun. Keep an eye out for that.



Hmmmm, I'm all out of stuff to say. Well, watch it if you can, I haven't seen much of it, but so far its been fun, and I can sense a great story being unleashed right around the corner.


Annoying Character: Mikan.

Rating: 7/10

Bottom Line: "So far, its just funny, but could get interesting."