Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG


I saw the original Ghost in the Shell movie a long time ago. I haven't even seen SAC First GiG and so I guess maybe I shouldn't be reviewing this. There was just so much hype about this series, and when I started watching I didn't even know there was a First GiG. Anyway this anime sucks. It's really boring. Nothing happens. People talk for hours about imaginary governments and politics. The show appears to be about a SWAT-like of team of uptight robots or cyborgs or something. They talk about how elite they are all the time, but they don't do jack. You'd think there would be tonnes of cool action, but there isn't. Not in any episodes I have seen anyway.



The story ... I don't even know if there is one. People talk a lot, but that doesn't mean there is a plot. The music is average. The art is very nice. Overall I see no reason to watch this other than being able to tell people that you've seen it.

Annoying Character: All of them

Rating:  5/10

Bottom line: "Don't waste your time here if you're looking for entertainment."