Finally saw Ghost in the shell. And just as a wise man once said "a woman gets naked for no reason", a woman DOES get naked for no reason. Well she's a robot, and the only way she can cloak is to take off all her clothes. Now there's quality anime :) There's only two good things in this anime... the woman getting naked, (which BTW happens before we know she's a robot...) and the high velocity bullets. There is NO humor, intentional or otherwise. The action is scarce but cool, the art is good, we don't have typical huge eyed round faces like 90% of the animes. The story... well that's the real thing here. Although I didn't like it much, I can see why many people would.

Although I can't put my finger on exact details, it has similarities with Akira. And to understand the story you have to listen a lot. There's just too many long scenes of people talking in monotonous voices, but that might be just in the English dub. Overall not bad, some blood scenes which might scar you for life if you're faint-hearted... but that's it. I'd recommend it, even go as far as to say its a good anime, but be prepared to listen to some long boring conversations (or be ready to fast-forward past them).

Annoying Character: None!

Rating: 6.75/10

Bottom Line: "If you got a couple of hours to kill, then yeah!"