Fantastic Children


An interesting anime, to say the least. I have not seen much of it yet, but it looks like the story will continue to unfold slowly. The art isn't great, and there is no typical anime action. And yet somehow ME, the man who lives for eye candy, continues to watch. I'll be blunt. Its a somewhat depressing show. All the characters are depressed. There is depressing music. The intro theme is depressing, and the story moves slowly. But here's the catch. Whatever plot slowly has unfolded thus far, seems to be unbelievably good. Maybe its just me, but the concept of the 'children' and their nature blows my mind.



When I watch the anime, particularly the development of Thoma's character, the world which best describes it is nice. I don't mean nice like "that was a niiiicceee move", I mean "my grandma is nice." So the niceness, coupled with the depression really makes me wonder how I'm watching the show. But here I am, watching. Knowing that my taste is excellent, I can only conclude that there is something about this show which must make it good. And I'm betting its the story (only a little of which has been revealed thus far).

So if you wanna be on the safe side, wait for me to watch the whole series, and then I'll make a recommendation. Because my recommendation is what you crave. Or you could give it a try... perhaps you'll also find whatever it is that attracts me to this anime. Fat chance though... 


Annoying Character: Helga!!

Rating: 6/10

Bottom Line: "Sad and slow moving so far."