Last Exile

They sure don't make animes like they used to... now everything is comedy or school-girl crap. So I've not seen a good anime in a looong time. But now.... Last Exile is here... woohoo!!! In last exile, we have a character-based adventure story, with lots of action in the background. The story is really good, and it actually ENDS at the end! Yes indeed! An Ending! None of that open-ended crap. The music is really unique... its got a Scottish flavor to it, and it works out really well, specially the Intro. The art... oh the art... They do it like Bebop, mixing 3D graphics with art, but the 3D graphics are much more prevalent. The result is amazing. Humour is nice too... over-all, they go out of their way not to be retarded.

I can try summarizing the story in one line: Its Nadesico, but set in the 1940s. There is a great mix of technologies and trinkets from different eras, that truly make it feel like an alternate universe. From this review it may sound like I'm not very excited about the anime... but I swear, its good.. There are huge ships, and they engage in big battles! So if you like that kind of action, its a big plus. The story is the main thing... a good solid anime over-all.


Rating: 8.5/10

Bottom Line: "Watch it... its the best thing to come out in a while."