A weird name, eh? Well, when I first saw the show, I thought its just Gundam Wing transported in time to 1000A.D. And I was right! this show is just as cool, (except for that ANNOYING wussy girl... hey, Gundam Wing also has that other annoying passifist girl? co-incidence? I think not!) anyway, its really cool, the art is cool... the difference is that instead of Gundanium, the mechs are made out of ancient armour and crystals, and instead of new, super advanced technologies, they have magic spells and crap. The same rule applies here, you gotta watch it from the beginning, and if you miss one episode, your screwed. The 'Escaflowne' movie looks good though, some ruthless action in the beginning.

Annoying Character: Hitomy (what a WUSS!)

I give it a 7/10

Bottom line: "If you liked Gundam AND have nothing else to do."