Elfen Lied


A masterpiece. Yes, I said it. A warning for the weak of heart. This anime is not for you. There are lots of bloody decapitations and there is nudity. Even though there is lots of it, it does not seem excessive, but appropriate. This anime manages to combine such graphic violence with preteen crushes. It combines crimes against humanity with cute little girls. The list goes on. And they manage to do this seamlessly. This is indeed a good show.

The intro in itself is boring with sad but beautiful music playing. But when you consider the show itself, the intro is fitting. The same music is also used in the show itself, and will get stuck in your head! That will cause you to play it in your head as you fall asleep. That in turn will cause you to dream about the associated decapitations . The story as a whole is a bit unclear, but the plot and events in the shorter term are very well played out, with perfect timing for flashbacks, etc. Believe it or not, there are also great moments of comedy thrown in for good measure.



My big problem with the show is that its only 13 episodes! What the hell is up with that! So much potential, but such a small series. As a result, the story is of course not perfectly concluded. But its a complete show nonetheless. Every episode you watch leaves you wanting more (including the last one). So I do indeed recommend it, but its definitely not a "feel-good" piece.


Annoying Character: It doesn't matter, cuz if they were annoying, they are dead now.

Rating: 8.5/10

Bottom Line: "Watch it."