I just saw the whole thing. Here are some features of Dual, there are three large robots, 1 boy pilot and 2 girl pilots. The boy is rather shy and doesn't like to fight in the war. Screws up his first try. One of the girls isn't a real human but is synthetic. The pilots in their robots are launched from inside a large, underground complex. What is that you say? 'I must be talking about Neon Genesis Evangelion'? Nooooo, all this happens in Dual! Its like the creator blatantly ripped off NGE (assuming this anime was made after NGE). I had designated it "Neon Genesis Copy #2" (#1 being Argento Soma), but that would be cruel since this is better than NGE and noticeably not gay. 

Art is average. Story is interesting. Its pretty funny, specially near the end. Around episode 12, it ends, but then the 13th episode kinda says... "Ending? you ain't getting no ending... we gonna leave it open so we can make a sequel in case this one flys... BOOYEAH!". I would recommend it, specially to anyone just saw EVA and wants to carve his eyes out, because its like Eva with a non-gay ending, and it might give you some closure.

Annoying Character: Mitsuki-san

Rating: 7.5/10

Bottom Line: "If you don't mind incomplete series, must watch this!."