Dragon Ball Z

(Series & Movies)

Ok, this show is by the most popular anime on the planet. It is action packed, with super strong characters, good music (in the English version) and nice art. It has around 300 episodes, and so there are some filler episodes, and I mean FILLER. But the coolness of the show easily out-weighs any bad quality. The other flaw is the constipated noises the characters make in the English version when charging up or sensing an enemy of great power. "Uhh...uh.h..h..... hhhhu.... unh..... hunnhhu... hnunn...." is all you'll hear from our heroes as the bad guy approaches. In the Japanese version, the constipation is compensated for by the fact that the hero sounds like a little girl (and his voice, in Japanese, is actually done by a woman). But anyhow, this is a great anime, ... and don't judge it after watching just 3 episodes... watch 4, and I guarantee you'll be hooked.



This anime definitely has a special place in all our hearts. Although in itself it may not be the best show, but this show introduced countless people all over the world to anime. We saw DBZ and we said, wow... look how they repeat the same 3 frames to simulate better action than any western cartoon... we must know more...and then we were introduced to the concept of "a-n-i-m-e" and all the other amazing series. So even if not to enjoy the show itself, you must watch it, just to be in the loop.

A note about the movies, don't try to fit them in with the time-line of the series. Imagine that they happen in an alternate dimension, and you'll be ok. Also check out my DBZ power levels page.


Annoying Character: ChiChi

I rate it a 7.5/10

Bottom line: "Try it, you'll like it."