Dragon Ball GT (Grand Tour)

Ok, now that I've seen the first 39 episodes, I admit its not as bad as I thought it would be. After Dragon Ball Z was over (which was a long time ago), everyone in Japan started having withdrawal symptoms, and cravings for new DBZ episodes. Many people were hospitalized and there were many casualties. Then some of the fans got together and purchased the rights from the creator of DBZ and started another series. The purpose was to rake in the cash from die-hard DBZ viewers, but since the creator wasn't involved much, it did not go far.

From what I have seen of it, they made three mistakes:

- They made Goku into a kid. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT! I DON'T CARE WHAT THE STORY BEHIND IT IS, THAT WAS RETARDED! Amazingly Goku is smarter as a kid... and it does make for some humorous situations

- The first 20 episodes of the series are pretty gay, it involves Goku, Trunks and Pan (Gohan's daughter) flying around in a spaceship encountering new planets every episode.... does this remind anyone of STAR TREK!?!? EWWW! Around the 20th episode however, it starts to get very good.

- This one's a spoiler, highlight to read: |>> Piccolo appears TWICE in the entire f**king show and gets KILLED in the 2nd appearance. Its so gay! <<|

Overall, DB:GT is a pretty good anime, fight scenes are decent, there is a lot less filler and its pretty funny too. After the 20th episode, it feels just like DBZ, I don't know why it was cut short at 63 episodes, instead of stretching it ON for 300 episodes like DBZ

Annoying Character: Pan (Goku really should consider killing her)

I rate it a 8/10

Bottom line: "Highly recommended if DBZ cravings get out of control!!"