Crest of the Stars

I have only seen the first 5 episodes as of yet, so what I say applies only to them. Its horrible. So boring. Its "supposed" to be about space empires and battles, but its so slow! And the characters, oh my God! Their endless, useless, monotonous talking! Don't they ever shut up! They say every stupid little thought that comes to their mind! And when they do speak with emotion, their faces are blank. So the voiceover part is horrible. Art seems average, no humor at all. There's been one battle so far, and that was so stretched out and horrible.

At the beginning of episode 5, they show the entire 4rth episode in 2 minutes. Nothing cut! All the dialogue of episode 4 was there! Which makes you wonder how episode 4 was 23 minutes long? Well...there's the 5 minute intro credits... then there are the huge parts where people blankly stare at each other without a word... like in soap operas. FILLER! This entire series is filler, so stay away.

Maybe the story and action will pick up, but if those voices and expressions stay, it'll still suck. Either way, I don't think I'll be watching after the 5th episode, I don't have the stomach for such boredom.

Annoying Character: All of them

Rating:  5/10

Bottom line: "This makes Blue Submarine look interesting."