I never thought I would like a show where the main character was a girl... I mean how would I relate. And in this anime, ALL the main characters are women. And I loved it

Indeed a great show, lots of action, interesting story, but hardly any comedy. Lots and lots of blood and decapitations, but either I am desensitized, or the gore in this show wasn't too disturbing. The show starts off a bit slow, after the first episode I thought it was too cheezy and formulaic, but I'm glad I stuck around for episode two. I couldn't wait for the next episode after that. The art is excellent quality, and the music is nice too.

So as I was watching it, I'd look online for some info, such as character names, because they all look so similar, its hard to keep track of who is who. Anywho, I came across some spoilers and character lists and I thought wow, this is going to be one LONG anime! Unfortunately, as I found out, the anime is only 26 episodes. It follows the manga uptill about episode 20, and then it starts to diverge, and they wrap the whole story up by episode 26. A seemingly different and rushed ending, compared to the manga.

I just hope they make a second season in the future to cover the rest of the story, which seems quite interesting... but then again, I hoped that for Berserk too... and that didn't happen either :(

Annoying Character: None!

Rating: 8/10

Bottom Line: "Definitely worth watching."