Samurai Champloo


This is ANOTHER brand spanking new series who's name starts with Samurai. So its about samurais... in the 1600s...  who somehow have glasses . It has samurais and sword fights, so that's pretty cool, but the main theme of the show (so far) has been very cliché. There is no strong story arc yet, and most episodes are stand-alones. Some of them are a bit cheezy and predictable far. However, everything else is good. The action is good, the art is good, the characters seem decent, the music is very original and there's some funny stuff too. The title theme song's music is catchy, but the vocals... oh God.... its a Japanese guy RAPPING Karaoke... yes its true.



This show is actually made by the same guy who made Cowboy Bebop so people are expecting great things. The story however progresses very slowly. Much like in Bebop, we don't have the main story making any progress, but lots of one-episode adventures. Similar to Bebop, the main threads of the story are concluded in the last few episodes. Its not as ground-breaking as bebop. Its more like light-hearted fun.


Annoying Character: Fuu. Useless, whiny, psycho.

Rating: 7/10

Bottom line: "Its pretty cool, though not amazing."