Ayashi no Ceres

I just saw it the whole series straight, 18 hours of Ceres Where to begin, o where to begin. I'm not sure what genre to place this in. Its not comedy, though there is some good humor... its not action since thats not the major theme... well maybe. If you're a patient person, I highly recommend watching this show. The strongest point is the story. Then a few miles behind comes in the action and comedy, but the story alone makes it worth the trip. It starts out average and then slowly gets interesting... then a bit gay... some soap opera type scenes... where characters stare at each other for hours... and a lot of hanky scenes... but overall, A+   



After watching Eva and Dual and a few other animes I was wondering what's with this older women with boys thing going on in anime, but apparently men and teenage girls are a big thing too -.-

Apart from that, this anime is pretty good, and I recommend watching it, it may start out a bit boring, but ends up nicely, oh and the music! They have the same three tracks repetitively playing in most situations, and thank God!! Because those three tracks RULE!!! So go ahead, and download... er... order it today!


Annoying Character: Aya

Rating: 8/10

Bottom Line: "Watch it!"