I don't know whether to classify this as a comedy, or a serious anime. There is decent action and a serious story, but its soooo funny! Try it yourself, you'll probably keep on watching. Don't get me wrong, its not a masterpiece by any means, but its a very solid anime. By that I mean well-rounded. Every aspect of the show is at least decent. The story, the music, the art, the action and the comedy. Its definitely not a waste of time, and great entertainment.



Its also anime #4 with a ridiculously large sword. First episode might seem a tad cliche, but it truly gets better and better. I could try explaining the story to you, but Ruchia does it oh so well herself  .

Like I said before, its not a must-see masterpiece, but 2004 has been a bit weak in terms of new animes (there are exceptins), and as an overall good show, Bleach is noticeably worth your time.


Annoying Character: None!!

Rating: 8/10

Bottom Line: "A solid anime."