Cowboy  Bebop

(Series & Movie)

Another anime about bounty hunters and spaceships. But its actually not bad. In fact its very good.

Most animes have a strong continuing storyline that connects one episode to another, and leaves you wanting to know what happens next. But if you start in the middle, you won't know what the hell is going on, or who is who. The thing that sets this anime apart from others is that it doesn't have the story arc. Its more like Pokemon or Star Trek, where every episode is a new adventure, and by the end of the episode, the case or mystery is solved and the battle won. But Pokemon sucks, and so does Star Trek (mostly). Cowboy Bebop does not. Despite its lack of a big, amazing storyline, Bebop manages to entertain. The Movie complements the series well, with more action and a good story.

Its funnier than the average anime, though that's not the main theme. The characters are realistic, i.e. assholes. There is action, a lot more in the movie than in the average episode. The art is interesting. They use some 3D visual effects, but mask it, so it looks like very good hand-drawn art. Apart from the 3D, they also have good lighting and blurring techniques that sometimes makes you forget you're watching a cartoon.


Overall, a good anime, something different. Don't expect a thrilling, surprising ending though.

Annoying Character: Fei Valentine...a little...maybe...nah

Rating: 9/10

Bottom line: "It really is close to being a genre of its own (for the dumb-asses who didn't get that: its good)."