Yes. After great discussion and thought, I decided that the Animatrix shorts qualify as an anime. Not all of them, of course, like the one done completely in 3D, The Final Flight of The Osiris. We wont discuss it, but lets look at a screenshot anyway.

:O...  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Ahem* ... moving I'll talk about the ones that are actually anime. This series of animes is DEFINITELY not the feel-good DVD of the year. Its so damn depressing.

- First we have a two-parter, called The Second Renaissance. Story wise, its most important. It reveals the origins of the matrix, the whole story behind what happened. The art is simple... and complex. Its simple in the way people are drawn, yet the backgrounds and shadings are so amazing. Its also very graphic and depressing. Did I mention depressing?

- Then we have Program. Its your typical ninja scroll style anime. Its not AS depressing.

- Then comes Detective Story. Everyone seemed to like it. I hated it. Nothing happens... and the art style is a poor rip-off of Bebop. Also depressing.

- Beyond is ... BORING. Also crap. Not very depressing because NOTHING happens.

- Of course there's Matriculated. It wins the most depressing anime award. The story was kinda interesting and a tonne of interesting 3D visuals, but just enough hand-drawn art to be considered an anime.

- World's Record has some freakish art. Interesting story though.

- Finally, there's Kid's Story. The only one without any depression, and the story is relevant to Matrix: Reloaded.


I rate it: 7/10

Bottom Line: "If you wanna stay a Matrix fan, don't watch this."