Akira - The Movie


Yet, another anime about nothing. Well, its about humans trying to control so-called "god's power" and that sort of crap. Just like Neon Genesis, the writer of the anime probably made up the story as he went along. However, atleast in Akira they prepare you for the bullshit story from the beginning. As you start watching, you know its going to be a "philosophical" (bwahhaha!) work, so you expect crap instead of the good stuff. Only in that way its good, and even rewarding. I rather liked it. For being an old anime, the art was good. There was no humor at all, but it wouldn't fit in anyway. There are character shields stronger than in Lord of the Rings, but oh well.

Just like Neon Genesis Evangelion, there are people out there who follow this story as a religion, but they are idiots. I recommend it, if you've seen all the other good anime movies already. Atleast there is some intelligence behind it... not like 'Crest of the Stars' or 'Sakura Wars' which is created by dumb-asses.

Annoying Character: ooooh, none!

Rating: 6/10

Bottom Line: "Watch it if no other good anime movies are left."