My Gallery

Click on the thumbnails to view the full sized pictures. If you use these pictures, please credit them to Omar Chaudry. If you know the creator of a mesh that is being used here, and is not being credited, please let me know  at:


Ivanova's new command


Oops! Took a wrong turn somewhere...
Battlecrab by Nadab Göksu

After Hours

Battlecrab by Nadab Göksu


Omega by Mathew Tarling; Hyperion by Todd Pederzani

The Borg have met their match
species 8472 ship by un-kown

Chillin' back at Babylon 5!
Babylon 5 by Dean A. Scott; Epsilon Nebula by Jeffrey C. Richard


Lurking in the shadows
Omega-X by John Slone

The Bastion, all alone in the night...
Mesh and Textures extracted from Volition Inc.

Drazi Fleet Command

Flying nice and low

An unfriendly encounter
Vorchan by Craig P. Condu

First Contact
Starfury by Mark Kane

Floating dead in space...

Three deadly vessels

Equador under testing
Thunderbolt by Todd Pederani